Lisa respond to questions from around the world about protecting family mental health under Covid-19.

How Do I Get My Smelly Teen to Shower?

How do you get kids to understand the importance of hygiene? A mom writes in that her son is making life unbearable at home because he refuses to take regular showers since he has spent much of the year learning remotely. Dr. Lisa explains the concept of habituation – the process of growing accustomed to sensory input – and discusses with Reena the science behind sensation and perception. Lisa offers strategies to help kids understand why they can’t smell themselves and gives guidance on when, as a parent, it’s time to lay down the law. Reena and Lisa also talk about the sweet smell of success. Reena’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers made it to the Super Bowl. What life lessons can Tom Brady and Gronk teach us from the football field?

Lisa’s 1/29/29 article in The New York Times: Helping a Teen Who Is Angry About House Rules on Covid